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panama canal cruises panama canal tours and excursions

Panama Canal Tours & Excursions

panama canal cruises panama canal tours and excursions

Updated for the 2023/24 cruise ship season with new pictures and excursions including Monkey Island, Gamboa Resort's Aerial Tram, and the Rainforest Discovery Center, which resides along Panama's famous Pipeline Road.

The Panama Canal is Central America's premier cruise ship destination, and during their passage, hundreds of thousands of passengers disembark to partake in excursions.

The newly built Amador Cruise Terminal on Perico Island, north of and adjacent to Flamenco Island on Panama City's Amador Causeway, is spread over 21 acres and is Panama's first and only dedicated cruise port on the Pacific coast. The cruise terminal cost over $165 million to build and consists of two berths capable of simultaneously docking two full-size cruise ships. Cruise ship passengers no longer need to be ferried to and from Flamenco Island aboard tenders.

With ports on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Panama has enhanced its image as a primary cruise ship destination and will surely capitalize on the industry's ongoing growth.

This website intends to serve as a pre-planning guide and travel companion for those cruising to Panama. It contains a wealth of information, including full-color photographs, illustrations, and links pointing to external websites relating to the Panama Canal and cruise ship excursions, e.g., Google Maps, museums, visitor centers, etc. The information is collected and updated continuously, so you can be sure it is accurate.

The excursions are listed alphabetically and separately, except for Forts San Lorenzo and Portobelo. I've grouped the latter because they are both forts on Panama's Atlantic (Caribbean) side and share many characteristics.

Any opinions and recommendations expressed are based solely on first-hand, personal experiences. In some cases, I participated in an organized tour. Other times, I traveled independently. I am not an employee of a cruise line, own a tour agency, or work as a guide. Therefore, I have no vested interest in which tours you elect. Instead, I aim to deliver helpful, relevant content so you can better plan your visit to Panama and take advantage of its unique offerings. Despite its small size, there's a lot to see and do.

If you have any questions, please ask using the contact form. I will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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